At the moment you will find four pillar designs in the webshop. Click on the button below and you will find all the already developed pillars per product line. Inspiration of this art pillar design arose from everyday Dutch cultural aspects. 





Pillar Art

Art stands for artistic. This pillar can be recognized by its clean lines. This pillar can be recognized by its clean design. Looking good in a modern interior, but will also do in a more eclectic environment. Inspiration for column Art comes by the liquorice allsorts very popular in the Netherlands

Pillar Lux

Lux is a tough pillar! His drops are characteristic. Lux steals the show anyway. No matter where you put him! Inspired by Dutch weather. Actually it does not rain much but the idea that it continuously can causes that feeling.

Pillar Coco

Coco is light and bright. A real lady! Coco can be recognized by her small acrylic pencil marks. Coco loves spotlights and can be seen in every room as far as she is concerned! Inspiration fo column Coco  comes by chocolate sprinkles. A typical Dutch sandwich spread. We love it!

Pillar Vesper

Vesper is perhaps a little stubborn. Vesper can be recognized by its sweeps. He dares to stand out because of his bright colors. Inspiration for this column comes from the Dutch meadows. A room where it fits? Simply a space that can be seen!

Doris and Roxx and matching accessories!!




Pillar Roxx

Roxx, a new design in the DutchPillart collection. A sleek pink pillar with an elegant dot design. Inspiration for this column comes from the traditional Dutch tradition: rusk with mice. The treat when giving birth to a child.

Pillar Doris

With pillar Doris you get a special pillar. A real eye-catcher. Her decorations are always different. That means that you continuously want to know what is being added to the list. This pillar gives your interior an extra boost. Doris leaves an unforgettable impression.


Having trouble figuring out what to put on a pillar? DutchPillart has various connections with visual artists and potters to create a total concept. These art objects have been carefully selected and fit perfectly on a pillar of DutchPillart. The art objects are available in combination with a pillar from DutchPillart. Examples are visible in the webshop under the heading accessories. For questions, please fill in the contact form.

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