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What is a pillar?

Before we are going tot talk about the productdevelopment we go a little back. back Pillars, columns and pedestals are commonly used terms and have their origins in ancient times. Columns are officially the roof carriers of the Greeks and Romans, one more beautifully decorated than the other. The pedestal carried the column. The pillar as we know it today has nevertheless made a fascinating journey into what it is today. Although the pillars of DutchPillart have been given a different role, they still serve the same purpose, namely to carry objects such as pots and vases with plants, lanterns and of course art objects.

The power of a pillar

Why could every room use a pillar? The pinnacle of great design is processing with beautiful objects, furniture and art. With the pillar you kill two birds with one stone. It is a great piece of furniture and carrier of an art object in one! DutchPillart has therefore tried to make the pillar itself an art object by working with exceptional colors and designs to change the atmosphere of a room, to change perceptions and to create a specific style. Colors have a powerful and psychological effect.

Basis of the art pillar

DutchPillart works closely with a professional column maker, a craftsman who stands for perfection and quality and has been doing this work all his life. His personal way of working and good service mean that DutchPillart sees him as a reliable partner for her artworks. As for the technical aspects, the art pillar is made of the best quality Medite MDF. In addition, they are provided with a layer of primer and 2 layers of high quality paint. Medite MDF is pressed under high pressure (90%) and is able to carry 176 (80 kilos).

 Inspiration Designs

The inspiration for the pillar designs comes from the Dutch customs / culture. Development does not stop here. For example, DutchPillart has a number of lines that are painted. To also introduce other designs, Jouke is currently working with epoxy. Epoxy is a great way to create 3D effects. New designs will be added in the future.


Acrylic paint of Talens Amsterdam has been used for the artwork, an intensely colorful Dutch paint. This paint is durable and has a high lightfastness, thanks to the use of pure, stable pigments so that the pillars retain their color even after decades. DutchPillart is a Dutch product in both the base and the finish.

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This pillar stands for courage The pillar is handmade Each pillar is unique Made from Dutch materials Makes your showpiece stand out even more Standard painted in a matt finish, to be photogenic at exhibitions (no reflection) Do you prefer high gloss? That is also possible! Best quality MDF, pressed under high pressure and able to carry 176 lbs (80 kilos). Provided with felt pads provided with DutchPillart brand. and able to carry 176 lbs (80 kilos). WEBSHOP

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