Pillar Roxx

Sweet pink pilaar Roxx

Meet Roxx

My pink panther! A nice pink pillar with an elegant dot design. I A space where Roxx fits? A space that can be exciting or just lovely.


Meet Roxx, the pink panther! A sleek pink pillar with an elegant dot design. Inspiration for this column comes from the traditional Dutch tradition: rusk with mice. The treat when giving birth to a child. A space where Roxx fits? A space that can be exciting or just lovely.

Pillar Roxx

With pillar Roxx you get a lot of energy at home. The color reminds you of summer fruit, a fresh color to sink your teeth into. The color pink is both playful and passionate. This soft shade of red relaxes and softens and is perceived as calming. The playful associations are energy, cheerful, sweet, youthful. Passionate associations are love, drama, flirting and exciting. Not surprising that this color is often used in relation to love. And that is what Roxx radiates, love.


It’s very simple; everything fits on the Roxx pillar. But if you really think out of the box, you can also use her as a standing table on a special day. On top you place a beautiful serving stand full of delicious cakes or cupcakes. Can you picture it? Both the pillar and the delicacy are to die for … One thing is certain, this eye-catcher will be talked about for a long time.

Roxx interior

Your interior is a reflection of your taste, interests and way of life. Walk into a room and decide where to draw your eyes first. That is the perfect place for a statement piece of art, such as pillar Roxx. Pink has been an integral part of interiors for a long time. Pink is a color that we have seen a lot and will continue to do. The color of the pillar does not have to dominate your entire living style, but accents can help create unity and make your statement clear. You can also change your interior with other accessories. Think of new decorative cushions and vases. Play more often with art and accessories in your interior. You will be amazed how these accessories, and your pillar, can influence the look of the room.

Roxx knowledge

Roxx is a Dutch name derived from Roxanne. Who doesn’t know the song Roxanne from the band The Police? The song was written by the lead singer of the band, Sting. Roxanne is featured on all of the band’s greatest hits albums. In 2004, Rolling Stone placed the song in 388th place on The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list.

Inspiration design pillar Roxx

The inspiration for all pillars comes from Dutch customs and culture. Roxx can be recognized by its exceptionally fresh pink color. Inspiration for this pillar comes from the treat at the birth of a child, namely rusk with mice. A space where it fits? Simply a space that can use a little spice!

Basic art pillar Roxx

DutchPillart works closely with a professional column maker, a craftsman who stands for perfection and quality and has been doing this work all his life. His personal way of working and good and fast service mean that DutchPillart sees him as a reliable partner for her artworks. As for the technical aspects, the art pillar is made of the best quality Medite MDF. The pillar has been expertly mitered for a sleek seamless result. In addition, they are provided with a layer of primer and they are painted tight and smooth. Medite MDF is pressed under high pressure (90%) and is able to carry 80 kilos.

Materials art pillar Roxx

Talens Amsterdam acrylic paint was used for the paintings on the pillar. An intensely colorful Dutch paint. Talens Amsterdam acrylic paint is durable and has a high lightfastness, thanks to the use of pure, stable pigments so that even after decades the columns retain their color. DutchPillart is a Dutch product in both the base and the finish.

Having trouble figuring out what to put on a pillar? DutchPillart has various connections with visual artists and potters to create a total concept. These art objects have been carefully selected and fit perfectly on a pillar of DutchPillart. The art objects are available in combination with a pillar from DutchPillart. 

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