Pillar Doris

Meet powerhouse pillar Doris


Doris does not have a fixed format. Her decorations are always different. This time not painted but modified with epoxy in different colors. Doris asks to be touched. In addition to the existing designs, a nice addition to the DutchPillart collection!

Doris pillar

With pillar Doris you get a special pillar at home. A real eye-catcher. Her decorations are always different. That means that you continuously want to know what is being added to the list. This pillar gives your interior an extra boost. Usually a pillar is subordinate to the object on it. But why isn’t the pillar itself a piece of art?

The Doris pillar of DutchPillart is a work of art in itself. Of course, a beautiful work of art fits here. But even without artwork, Doris leaves an unforgettable impression.
Doris artWhether you go for the polkadot pillar or the KISS pillar, your interior will make a statement. On Doris you can present everything. Something that is very dear to you or something that fills a space beautifully, such as a statement flower arrangement. It is up to you to give your interior some guts.

Doris interior

Your interior is a reflection of your taste, interests and way of life. Walk into a room and determine where your eyes will be drawn to first. That is the perfect place for a statement piece of art, such as pillar Doris. Art is something you want to see but also would like to touch. That is exactly what this pillar provokes. Do you see it correctly? Is it painted or are the decorations really tangible? Play more often with art and accessories in your interior. You will be amazed how these accessories, and your pillar, can influence the look of the room.

Doris knowledge

Doris is an international name that may have originated in Doria (Greece). The name is often given to girls in the Netherlands and England, but in France the name is given to both boys and girls. Doria or Doris means gift. And this pillar is certainly a gift! Nice to give as a present or to treat yourself.

Inspiration design pillar Doris

A pillar with 3D effect was missing in the DutchPillart collection. Doris cannot be pigeonholed, her decorations are always different. That makes her exciting! When you see her you actually want to touch her!

Basic art pillar Doris

DutchPillart works closely with a professional pillar maker, a craftsman who stands for perfection and quality and has been doing this work all his life. His personal way of working and good and fast service mean that DutchPillart sees him as a reliable partner for her artworks. As for the technical aspects, the art pillar is made of the best quality Medite MDF. The pillar has been expertly mitered for a sleek seamless result. In addition, they are provided with a layer of primer and they are painted tight and smooth. Medite MDF is pressed under high pressure (90%) and is able to carry 80 kilos.

Materials artificial pillar Doris

The decorations on the pillar are made of epoxy. Epoxy is a plastic polymer that is extracted from petroleum. The epoxy is transparent in color. An extra UV-Blocker has been added to the transparent decorations to prevent yellowing from UV light. Special epoxy pigments (dyes) have been added for the other decorations. In addition, DutchPillart works with gold leaf and glitter in the epoxy.

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