Pillar Coco

Coco “the queen” of the pillars

Meet Coco

Coco is light and bright. A real lady! Coco can be recognized by her small stripes. Coco loves spotlights and can be seen in every room as far as she is concerned!


Coco is a light-hearted pillar. A lady! Coco can be recognized by her pen marks with an acrylic marker. Inspiration for column Coco stems from the Dutch spread chocolate sprinkles. We love it!

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel, who doesn’t know her? Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel is considered by many to be the most influential fashion designer of all time. She left the world more than just beautiful designs and delicious scents, she initiated fashion trends that allowed women to wear comfortable yet stylish clothes. In addition to her designs, such as the handbag, the little black dress, tweed jackets, breton top and of course the world famous Chanel No.5 fragrance, Coco Chanel was a real lady. Accessible, chic, airy, timeless and feminine. Coco Chanel never goes out of style. Her designs are timeless and vintage items usually keep their value.

Pillar Coco

Although the name suggests otherwise, the inspiration for pillar Coco comes from the well-known Dutch spread, chocolate sprinkles. However, there are similarities with Coco Chanel. This pillar is light, airy and a real lady. It gives every interior a feminine touch.

Coco Chanel has changed the fashion world with her revolutionary ideas and creations. She became the new role model of the 20th century. The dynamic, hard-working woman no longer wanted to walk around in the tightly tied-up dresses. A true fashion pioneer, Coco Chanel was said to make active women feel comfortable and elegant in their clothing, also known as the queen of the genre pauvre (or poor look). Coco Chanel was therefore convinced that simplicity looks chic and refined. Her style rule is therefore: do not provide too much distraction

Coco interior

With the Coco pillar from DutchPillart you give your interior a light, airy and feminine touch. It embraces the space in which the pillar stands. This eye-catcher is chic and refined and gives your interior a soft character. “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”. And you create your unique style with this timeless pillar Coco.

Chocolate sprinkles

Chocolate sprinkles, in the Netherlands, everybody grew up with this sandwich spread. Just a fun fact about chocolate sprinkles: Sprinkles did not start at all as a chocolate spread, but as an anise spread. Around 1919, the director of the (licorice) factory Venco came up with the idea that white brittle grains with an anise flavor might be tasty on bread. He made his discovery, he says, on a bleak autumn day, while it was hailing outside. Et voilà: sprinkles were born. Chocolate sprinkles were not invented until 1936, by chocolate manufacturer Venz. They were then still called “chocolate sprinkles” because the name sprinkles had already been patented by Venco. It has now become a generic name and the patent is no longer worth anything, although many packages still only show chocolate sprinkle.

Inspiration design pillar Coco

The inspiration for all pillars stems from Dutch customs and culture. Coco can be recognized by her pen marks with an acrylic marker. Inspiration is the Dutch sprinkles. Coco loves the spotlights and can be seen in any room!

Basic art pillar Coco

DutchPillart works closely with a professional column maker, a craftsman who stands for perfection and quality and has been doing this work all his life. His personal way of working and good and fast service mean that DutchPillart sees him as a reliable partner for her artworks. As for the technical aspects, the art pillar is made of the best quality Medite MDF. The pillar has been expertly mitered for a sleek seamless result. In addition, they are provided with a layer of primer and they are painted tight and smooth. Medite MDF is pressed under high pressure (90%) and is able to carry 80 kilos.

Materials art pillar Coco

Talens Amsterdam acrylic paint was used for the paintings on the pillar. An intensely colorful paint from Dutch soil. Talens Amsterdam acrylic paint is durable and has a high lightfastness, thanks to the use of pure, stable pigments so that even after decades the columns retain their color. DutchPillart is a Dutch product in both the base and the finish.

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