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Pillar Art artistic and modern

This is pillarArt

Art stands for artistic. This pillar can be recognized by its clean design. Looking good in a modern interior, but will also do in a more eclectic environment.


Art stands for artistic. This pillar can be recognized by its clean lines. Inspiration for pillar Art comes from a preference for liquorice and in this case the English liquorice. Art flourishes in a sleek and modern interior, but will certainly look good in a more eclectic environment.


You hear the term “eclectic” more and more often as a description for a certain living style. What exactly does this living style entail? And what must your interior meet to be “eclectic”? First of all, the definition of eclectic:

 “Eclectic: combining the best style elements from previous style periods”

If you look at the interior history through the ages, each period has a unique character. Some living styles and interior designs are so beautiful that they still recur in contemporary living rooms. The core of an eclectic living style is reviving old styles and applying the living trends of today. You can especially express your personality and creativity in this.

Eclectic living

Eclectic interiors are often adventurous. This is because different materials, colors and structures are used. Actually, an eclectic living style is built on your personality, creativity and taste. You can start from any living style. Whether you have a rural interior, a modern interior or a minimalist interior. If you have guts and a creative mind, you can create a great eclectic interior where certain objects become real eye-catchers.

These objects or home accessories play a major role in eclectic interiors. This can be anything; a second-hand rocking chair, an heirloom that you have personal memories of, or an art object, such as the Art pillar. Combining these home accessories gives your interior the eclectic look you want. Of course it is not a question of putting all the home accessories together and ready. The subtle combination of old and new is an art in itself. Once it stands, your authenticity and personality radiates in it.

Eclectic interior

Browse showrooms, check out Pinterest for inspiration, don’t limit yourself and above all try to combine. There are various online programs in which you can put together your own interior. Or create a mood board. The most important thing is; what do you like? Start with an eye catcher, such as pillar Art. You give your piece of art a beautiful place in your interior. Then you will make subtle adjustments to create an eclectic interior. This can be the replacement of cushion covers, but also give a wall a striking color, so that the pillar stands out even more. Strive for an interior that you cannot find on the furniture boulevard.

Eclectic and unique

An eclectic living style is a living style in which the passion for interior is really visible. A unique living style with personality!

Inspiration design pillar Art

The inspiration for all pillars stems from Dutch customs and culture. For example, pillar Art is inspired by the popular licorice and the design makes this pillar quickly reminiscent of the English licorice variant.

Basic art pillar Art

DutchPillart works closely with a professional column maker, a craftsman who stands for perfection and quality and has been doing this work all his life. His personal way of working and good and fast service mean that DutchPillart sees him as a reliable partner for her artworks. As for the technical aspects, the art pillar is made of the best quality Medite MDF. The pillar has been expertly mitered for a sleek seamless result. In addition, they are provided with a layer of primer and they are painted tight and smooth. Medite MDF is pressed under high pressure (90%) and is able to carry 80 kilos.

Materials art pillar Art

Talens Amsterdam acrylic paint was used for the paintings on the pillar. An intensely colorful paint from Dutch soil. Talens Amsterdam acrylic paint is durable and has a high lightfastness, thanks to the use of pure, stable pigments so that even after decades the columns retain their color. DutchPillart is a Dutch product in both the base and the finish.

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