Art has no rules
The crazier the shape 
the more modern it is

Welcome and how nice that you take the time to visit my website! In this paragraph I will tell you a little bit more about me. My name is Jouke, born and raised in Wageningen. A beautiful and lively student city with a rich history. A city where we as a family feel completely at home. I am married to Tijmen and have 2 children (Lars and Bente). About my hobbies, I can enjoy a good workout, different kinds of music, delicious coffee, international cuisine and beautiful trips around the world.

In 2005 I graduated from Hogeschool Diedenoort. After my bachelor’s degree, I worked in commercial services for many years. In addition to my DutchPillart activities, I work as a real estate manager. Out of interest I started to study interiordesign, to use my creativity in a different way. During this study the idea arose to paint art pillars, columns, pedestals. Do you recognise that feeling? That you think: THAT’S IT! I had that feeling. Painting on one of my most beloved “pieces of furniture”. The creation of DutchPillart is a fact!

After a long testing period, I found the right pillar. Firstly the basis of the product must be of good quality and durable. Check! Then I started working with my brushes, palette knives and epoxy mixtures and developed a number of lines. The various designs are tough and chic at the same time. They fit in every room. Each line has its own look and feel. There is only one of each pillar. Something for everyone, and certainly easy to combine with each other! Feel free to take a look at my WEBSHOP. Would you like different colours? Of course that is possible! Fill in the form with the type and your colour requirements. We can discuss the possibilities. Hopefully meet soon!!

“With DutchPillart, Jouke is the first visual artist to give extra time and attention to pillars, resulting in striking, trendy and modern columns. Real eye-catchers!”


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