A pillar with attitude!

Many people have got one at home: a pillar, pedestal, column, base (depends on how you want to call it) These pillars are usually very simple and not that impressive. Yet the pillar often occupies a prominent place. Why is this popular artificial pillar always so invisible? Are you looking for a pillar that draws attention? What makes your artwork or showpiece stand out even better? The answer is: a pillar from Dutch Pillart! The pillar is completely handmade and each one is unique in its kind!

DutchPillart has started with four different designs ART, , COCO en VESPER. Recently a fifth and sixth line has been added: ROXX en DORIS. Trendy, hip and modern. Painted with Dutch acrylic paint or treated with coloured epoxy.

DutchPillart makes the art pillar visible!

makes the art pillar visible

Inspiration for DutchPillart comes from Dutch customs and culture. Chocolate sprinkles, rain, grass, licorice if you look closely you will recognize it. With DutchPillart, Jouke is the first artist to give time and attention to pillars, resulting in striking, trendy and modern columns. Real eye-catchers”.


Appartment in Amsterdam

Doris fits perfectly in this recently renovated appartment in Amsterdam. The white base blends into the space and yet it stands out immediately. The semi-circular spheres give the pillar a playful character. A nice contrast against the black kitchen and the white countertop. A real eye-catcher for those who want something slightly different.

Go for color? Nice!

Home in Wageningen 

In here we see a nice colourful pillar. The coloured doughnuts make this corner cheerful. A simple vase on the pillar is enough. Doris immediately stands out when you sit down on the couch.

So what are we going to put on top?!

Maybe you have something of personal value at home that you would like to show. Like a beautiful sculpture, photo book or decorative vase. Or maybe you have a shop or salon and would like to highlight some products. Either way, your showpiece will stand out more when you put it on a column of DutchPillart.

Having trouble figure out witch work of art to put on top? DutchPillart has various connections with visual artists and potters to create a total picture. These art objects are carefully selected and fit perfectly on one of the pillars. The art objects are available in combination with a pillar.


Brand new DutchPillart projects with unlimited imagination and customisation possibilities

DutchPIllart is continuously developing new models and designs!


An example of unlimited fantasy

Twinkle twinkle little star! When it gets enough light during the day, it will turn beautiful blue in the evening. Nice for in your bedroom. So quickly close the curtains and turn off the lights!

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